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Central Baptist Church

What We Believe

Christian beliefs help us make sense of the world we live in. They help us understand how bad things happen to good people … how tragedy and triumph can come from one happening and how God can be glorified even in the most difficult of circumstances. A knowledge of basic Christian beliefs helps us wrestle with questions that have baffled people for centuries.

Second, Christian beliefs strengthen our identity in Christ. Our culture urges us to seek our identity in our possessions, our personal achievements or our career. Yet, Scripture tells us our identity is not derived from these things. It does not depend on how others see us, but how God sees us. As we learn the essential beliefs of Christianity, we begin to discover who we really are and what our purpose on this earth is.

Third, Christian beliefs not only guide our thinking but also direct our behavior. In our day, we desperately need men and women of integrity, people who are living examples of Biblical values. People whose lives have been changed for the better and who reflect that change in everyday attitudes and actions.

Finally and most importantly, Christian beliefs help us draw near to God. As we look into the Scriptures, we come to know the Author of Scripture. Biblical truths become a window into the heart and mind of God. We discover that it does matter what we believe and that God will reveal Himself to us as we study to show ourselves approved unto Him.

If we approach the Scriptures with humility and a willing heart, Christian beliefs will strengthen our faith and ignite our souls.

Below is a PDF link to our doctrinal beliefs.

Doctrinal Statement


Constitution and Bylaws