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Central Baptist Church
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SSN18 Ministry Nights

We know that summer is busy and there are ministry opportunities you'd like to take. In June of 2018 we are putting scheduled times into our ministry for you to minister in different ways. 

On Sundays, June 4, 11, and 25, 2017,  we will not have scheduled services on campus during the evening. We want you to use these nights to do some of the things listed below.


LifeGroup Night: Join your LifeGroup for a night of fellowship. Your group can meet as one big group or in several smaller groups. Use this night as an opportunity to invite your unchurched friends or church members who aren't currently in a LifeGroup. 

Neighbors Night: Use this night to invite your neighbors over and get to know them. Grill hot dogs, play yard games, and visit, but most of all use this night to build a relationships with your neighbors where you can invite them to church and share the gospel. 

Friends Night: Is there someone you've been wanting to get to know better at work, your kid's ball team, or from church? Use Friends Night to go to dinner with them or invite them over. Develop a relationship that will strengthen your faith or open up gospel conversations. 

Mission Night:  Use this night to do a mission project as a family. Take cookies to the firehouse, help a neighbor, serve a local non-profit, visit a nursing home or shut-ins...whatever you do - serve together to serve others to connect them to Jesus. 

Prayer Night:  Get together with a few people you'd be comfortable praying with and spend some dedicated time praying for your church, our city, your homes, and our nation.